Commercial refrigeration installation in Geelong by MNK Technical Services

The team from MNK and Britex recently completed the site refrigeration installation and commissioning of new custom-built refrigerated display cabinets and remote condensing unit plant for Belmont Village Meats in Geelong.

The display cabinets were custom-built to order by Britex at their manufacturing facility, with the final site delivery, leveling and joining of the cabinets by the Britex trade team.

The Britex Refrigerated display cabinets are unique in the marketplace, they consist of a fully refrigerated coldplate and also a full-length overhead evaporator coil, each has its own dedicated refrigeration system which allows us built in redundancy to keep the client trading in the event of an equipment malfunction.

MNK coordinated the installation and crane lift of the condensing units and the refrigeration pipework from the roof of the shopping centre to the cabinet location on the trading floor of the butcher shop. We also ensured that all checks and measures were met throughout the refrigeration installation, MNK insists on stringent pressure tests and evacuation processes being followed as part of our installation and commissioning of commercial refrigeration systems.

MNK Technical Services can assist you with your commercial refrigeration requirements in Melbourne, from design to implementation, installation and service.

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