Energy saving measures for commercial refrigeration in Melbourne

Every successful business is concerned with ensuring resources are used and spent wisely in all aspects of their operation. One major area where costs can creep up is commercial refrigeration.

MNK Technical Services are available to help with commercial refrigeration Melbourne-wide. MNK Technical Services were recently consulted with a commercial client to investigate energy-saving initiative for the refrigeration units and systems within their Melbourne operation.

Fabulous Catering in Knoxfield has an extensive production facility with large refrigeration fixtures. After assessing the existing units, our technicians determined significant energy and therefore financial savings could be made with the supply and fitting of an Emerson ACC system to control the anti-condensate heating within the glass door frames of the freezer room. The Emerson ACC system enables the heating to run on-demand rather than full-time and works by monitoring the humidity dew point within the environment. The temperature of the doors and frames is then held just above the dew-point to keep the doors and frames from fogging up, and this is done with the absolute minimum energy consumption.

MNK technicians also recalibrated the defrost cycles of the freezer system to reduce the defrost load by more than two hours a day. These small efficiencies that have been implemented will help Fabulous Catering manage ever-increasing energy bills.

MNK Technical Services can do the same for your business too. Our experienced technicians will make a time to thoroughly assess the commercial refrigeration units and systems you currently have and determine their levels of energy efficiency as well making suggestions for possible energy savings. This could be simple suggestions such as:

  • Keep the doors of each fridge or unit closed as much as possible and don’t leave a door propped open simply for easier access
  • Ensure the balance of “empty” and “full” is optimal. If there is very little inside a fridge, the unit will have to work harder to keep it at the required level. However, an overfull fridge might hamper the flow of air and again make it harder to maintain required temperatures.