Supermarket Refrigeration Installation by MNK Technical Services Commercial Refrigeration

The Team from MNK recently completed an installation of refrigerated display cabinets and cold rooms on behalf of a key client for a major supermarket chain. MNK were on site during the construction and fit-out stage to assemble the cold room panels and coordinate delivery of the refrigerated cabinets.

The cabinets were joined together to become a continuous length of multiplexed supermarket display fridges, we also assembled refrigerated cabinets in island configuration which allows the shopper to walk around 360 degrees with a fridge display on all 4 sides.

The fridges and cold rooms have been networked together on a central monitoring system that keeps an eye on the temperature of each fridge and alerts the supermarket of any potential problems.

MNK can assist you with your refrigerated display cabinets and cold rooms, either with sales and installation or service and emergency repairs.

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