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Commercial refrigeration Melbourne

Are you starting a new commercial business in Melbourne? Maybe a new local café, restaurant, or even a large kitchen in an office environment? In the hurly-burly of a new business enterprise, it is not surprising that costs and expenses rise to a level that is more than you had budgeted for. The first thing...
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Energy savings for your Melbourne commercial refrigeration

When you are running a small business, keeping costs down is an essential part of ensuring your business is successful. Keeping energy use down keeps energy bills and costs down too, and any small business would be mad not to ensure their energy usage is as low as possible. There are a long list of...
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Industrial refrigeration in Melbourne

Just like our fridge at home, industrial refrigeration is required to keep things cool or cold, but just on a much larger scale! Industrial refrigeration in Melbourne is required to keep more than a litre of milk and a selection of groceries cool – industrial refrigeration is needed for large scale cold storage, process cooling,...
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Sustainable commercial refrigeration solutions across Melbourne

For expert, reliable and affordable commercial refrigeration in Melbourne, come to the team at MNK Technical Services. From installation, through to one-off or ongoing maintenance and repairs, we offer 24/7 support to the hospitality, industrial and supermarket sectors. If the commercial refrigeration at your Melbourne business isn’t working properly, it can result in money loss...
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Commercial fridge repair for Melbourne businesses

Even if you have existing commercial fridges and food storage cabinets that are not performing at an optimal level, there are options you can take that do not involve completely starting over with brand new units. MNK Technical Services offer a thorough inspection service and commercial fridge repairs to Melbourne businesses. Our experienced technicians will...
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24/7 commercial fridge repairs for Melbourne businesses

If your commercial fridge breaks down, it can mean big costs for your business and inconvenience to your customers. At MNK Technical Services, we offer professional commercial fridge repairs across Melbourne, 24/7. Food is a fickle thing, and the laws around refrigeration temperatures and exposure to temperatures are extremely strict, for good reason – no-one...
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Efficient, affordable HVAC systems in Melbourne

Australia is a country of extremes – our summers can be unbearably hot, and our winters bone-chillingly cold. MNK Technical Services are the experts in installing HVAC systems in Melbourne, helping businesses and homes stay at the right temperature, no matter the time of year. HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems take the hassle out of...
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