Yearly Archive: 2016


Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Melbourne

As we say goodbye to Summer and head into the cooler months, it presents the perfect opportunity for maintenance and overhaul work on critical refrigeration assets that have worked hard over the summer. Refrigeration systems are just like any other complex bit of machinery and require regular periodic maintenance checks to keep everything operating in...
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Melbourne Commercial Refrigeration Specialists

We have previously raised the topic of major changes within our industry in the form of an International phase-down of HFC refrigerants. The reason is that these substances contribute significantly to global warming due to their very high global warming potential (GWP). HFC Refrigerants such as R134A and R404A and R410A are found in the majority...
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Refrigeration Repairs in our Schools

The team at MNK have extensive experience in being able to provide refrigeration maintenance and repairs to commercial kitchen and hospitality clients, environments which at times can present demanding and high pressure challenges for all, especially if refrigeration assets fail during peak production or meal service. It has been a natural progression for us to...
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keep your cool on the road this summer

Heavy Road Transport is the lifeblood of industry in this country and virtually every item we posses was transported by truck at some stage during its production or delivery. The demand on these heavy vehicles and their operators is constant and relentless, even more so during the hot weather, when it becomes vital for drivers...
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