Commercial Refrigeration Servicing for Melbourne Businesses

A refrigeration system can be a major draw on electrical energy, so its a bonus when your technician can make sure your systems are operating efficiently. As a retailer, whether you are a supermarket, a pub, restaurant or butcher, when you call a refrigeration technician to come out and repair a failed system, the main job of the technician is to get your system up and running again and to keep you trading. However, a good commercial refrigeration technician will also make sure your equipment is not wasting energy and adding unnecessary costs to your business.

For example, a system operating with a refrigerant undercharge will result in system efficiency loss and likely cause theĀ  compressor to run for longer periods. A dirty condenser coil can increase system energy consumption and put your power bill through the roof ! You can help in preventing excessive run time by making sure your refrigeration plant is in good shape and regularly serviced, we recommend an audit by a reputable technician, but in the meantime we have provided some helpful housekeeping tips to get you started.

Check any door gaskets and hinges to ensure the door closes properly and creates a sufficient seal with the cabinet. Torn or worn door gaskets need to be replaced and broken or loose door hinges need to be repaired. On low-temperature systems, check the defrost system. Ensure the defrost cycle duration is the minimum required. Incorrect or default settings can lead to excessive defrost periods, leading, in turn, to excessive run times to recover the temperature and also wasted energy not only in compressor run time, but also running defrost heater elements longer than needed.

Ensuring that your systems condenser coil is clean and free of dust and working efficiently is extremely important in ensuring minimum possible run-time, as is ensuring that the refrigerant charge is at the correct level. The condenser coil plays a critical part in the refrigeration cycle, a simple explanation of what a condenser coil does is to compare its operation to that of the radiator on a motor car, (if your radiator or cooling fan suffers a malfunction on your motor car, you could expect to be stranded on the side of the road with an overheating engine, or even permanent damage to the engine) a blocked condenser or faulty condenser fan on your refrigeration system will cause a reduction in refrigerating efficiency and will lead to increased run time of the system, overheating and shutdown of the compressor itself and in more extreme instances will lead to permanent failure of the compressor.

The tips we have outlined above are but just a few of the key performance factors that need to be taken into account to ensure optimum operation of your refrigeration system, however these tips are simple tasks that the end user can carry out monthly that will have a big impact on the health and longevity of your refrigeration system.

The team at MNK Technical Services can assist you with your refrigeration system maintenance requirements, we can carry out a complete audit on your refrigeration assets and provide you with a condition report and maintenance schedule that suits your particular requirements.

MNK are the final word in commercial refrigeration in Melbourne. We have extensive industry experience in the diagnostics and commissioning of refrigeration equipment found in Supermarkets, Hospitality, Fresh Retail and Commercial Food Display Systems.