Melbourne Commercial Refrigeration Service

The weather in Melbourne can be unpredictable, and sometimes you can see several seasons in the one day. Some days unbearably hot and humid, other days can be bone chillingly cold, and there are days that are just in between. Spare a thought for the many businesses that rely on commercial refrigeration systems as a key part of their business, extreme weather can play havoc with refrigeration systems, resulting in increased energy consumption, systems overheating and sometimes resulting in product loss and spoilage.

MNK Technical Services are a boutique refrigeration service and installation contractor that caters mainly business to business, we have a small, select group of industry clients – this allows us to provide a personalised and hands on approach with our customers, to give the most current and accurate advice, and to provide experienced opinions with no spin. We promote the use of modern energy efficient refrigeration systems and the transition to natural refrigerants. The increased technology and “know how” required to install and service modern systems can only benefit the industry and its clients alike, with technicians needing the appropriate qualifications and experience combined with an ethical work mindset.

If your business is looking for new refrigeration plant, or maybe you have heard of the eventual refrigerant phase out and want to know how it could impact your business, or simply just advice on how to get the best “energy efficiency” out of your existing equipment, then talk to us.