Commercial Refrigeration Sales

When it comes to purchasing new refrigeration equipment – our professional and helpful team have extensive experience working with hospitality and commercial kitchen operators and can work with you to select the best match for your requirements.

We can help you work through the “information overload” what refrigerant do i choose? how does the warranty work ? are spare parts readily available ?

We can source all brands of refrigerated cabinets as required.

We have a close working relationship with Federal Hospitality, their range of refrigeration cabinets are well priced, well optioned, and come with an amazing 4 year warranty.

Federal Hospitality have jumped well ahead of the green curve – they have been specifying refrigeration units using environmentally friendly and energy efficient hydrocarbon refrigerants for several years – ahead of the competitors. We are indebted to F.E.D. for allowing us to gain our “green” credentials by training our technicians on the hydrocarbon systems.

MNK Technical Services can assist you with commercial refrigeration sales.

• Commercial fridges in self -contained or remote compressor configuration
• Commercial display fridges and merchandisers
• Commercial kitchen refrigeration cabinets
• Commercial upright glass door freezers
• Underbench refrigerated cabinets
• Glass door and Solid door upright self contained cabinets
• Supermarket refrigeration
• Ice machines
• Compressors and refrigeration equipment