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Refrigeration plant upgrade

One of our customers had a failed compressor on the condensing unit for one of their coolrooms, this brand and model of unit is from a different era. We worked on plenty of these back in the early days and found them to be extremely capable and reliable – hence why the unit has lasted...
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Commercial Refrigeration Gas Leaks

The service team at MNK recently had a situation where a client’s commercial freezer room in Melbourne was losing refrigerant every few months and affecting the operating temperature. We tried the conventional methods of detecting the source of the leak, such as electronic leak detectors to “sniff” for refrigerant in the air, UV dye additive...
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Commercial Refrigeration Servicing

The crew at MNK Technical Services love servicing all kinds of refrigeration systems, large and small, we have been doing a bit in recent times with our friends from Slush Puppie They have a fleet of beautiful American made gravity feed slushie freezers located in various venues around the country. The Stoelting machine is a...
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Natural Refrigerants – Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbon refrigerants are natural and non-toxic and have minimal global warming potential, their use in new equipment is becoming popular as an environmentally friendly and cost effective refrigerant. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are a smart and responsible choice, but the uptake locally has been slow to filter through and as such there is a skills gap within...
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Energy Saving and Commercial Refrigeration for Melbourne Retailers

As a retailer, whether you are a supermarket, a pub, restaurant or butcher , keeping costs down is an essential part of ensuring your business is successful. A refrigeration system can be a major draw on electrical energy, so it can be beneficial to reducing the size of your power bill to ensure your refrigeration system...
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Glycol Beer Chiller Service and Repairs

MNK Technical Service are specialists in commercial refrigeration – that is refrigeration systems that are typically found in food and fresh retail businesses, hospitality, supermarkets, and of course pubs and hotels. The team at MNK carry out service and general maintenance to refrigeration and glycol beer systems at a number of pubs and hotels across...
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Coolroom Repairs Melbourne

MNK Technical Services recently oversaw cosmetic and hygienic upgrade works to the coolroom flooring for one of our long term customers. The existing floors had served them well over many years, but had become tired and hard to keep clean. The old chequer plate and timber base flooring was removed, the subfloor and step up...
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Commercial Refrigeration Sales

When it comes to purchasing new refrigeration equipment – our professional and helpful team have extensive experience working with hospitality and commercial kitchen operators and can work with you to select the best match for your requirements. We can help you work through the “information overload” what refrigerant do i choose? how does the warranty...
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Cold Hard Facts – Refrigerant R404A – part 1

Despite being front and centre on the HFC phase-down list since 2018, there are signs that R404A remains a go-to option for key sectors of Australia’s HVAC&R industry. According to experts, pressure from end-users for low first-cost and straightforward, low-risk solutions, and a lack of incentives to move to new technologies have ensured that R404A...
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Cover your food in the fridge – reduce the likelihood of gas leaks from your commercial refrigeration evaporator coil.

A common cause of refrigerant gas leaking from evaporator coils, especially those used in commercial refrigeration is corrosion. Sometimes referred to as formicary corrosion, this can occur when oxygen and moisture, along with other organic compounds come into contact with the copper tubing of the evaporator coil as part of the refrigeration process. As refrigerated...
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