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Commercial Refrigeration in Melbourne

The Team at MNK spend a large percentage of their working week in and around hospitality and fresh food retail businesses, we know the hard work and sacrifice that our clients endure in running a successful business. We also know what our clients expect from us in keeping their critical refrigeration assets in tip-top working...
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Melbourne Commercial Refrigeration Service

The weather in Melbourne can be unpredictable, and sometimes you can see several seasons in the one day. Some days unbearably hot and humid, other days can be bone chillingly cold, and there are days that are just in between. Spare a thought for the many businesses that rely on commercial refrigeration systems as a...
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Commercial Fridge Melbourne

The team at MNK Technical Services have been keeping busy installing and also servicing commercial refrigeration equipment for new and existing customers across Melbourne. MNK are specialist refrigeration installers and contractors, we work with leading industry manufacturers of refrigerated cabinets and bespoke suppliers to deliver unique outcomes. Whether you are a butcher, food retailer, supermarket...
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Commercial Refrigeration Service Melbourne

The team from MNK Technical Services take pride in providing first rate repairs and maintenance to our client base, we cater to supermarkets, food retailers, hospitality operators, pubs, meat suppliers, and food manufacturers. We service and repair coolrooms, freezers, beer systems, and ice machines to name but a few. MNK also supply, install, and maintain...
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Commercial Refrigeration Servicing for Melbourne Businesses

A refrigeration system can be a major draw on electrical energy, so its a bonus when your technician can make sure your systems are operating efficiently. As a retailer, whether you are a supermarket, a pub, restaurant or butcher, when you call a refrigeration technician to come out and repair a failed system, the main...
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Refrigerated Food Display Melbourne

The team from MNK Technical Services and Britex Australia have been busy in the lead up to summer, doing what they do best in the field of refrigerated fresh food retail display cabinets. A pleasing trend is that the retail public are re-embracing their “local butcher” – we are seeing the resurgence in popularity of...
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Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Melbourne

The team from MNK Technical Services recently assisted a client that runs a large field catering department within the government sector. The clients low temperature storage room has given faithful service over many years. On a recent preventative maintenance visit, we had flagged to the client that the condensing unit for the freezer room was...
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Food Display Refrigeration

The Crew recently completed manufacture of a custom built fresh food display cabinet for a business down in Lake Entrance. The cabinet is full stainless steel construction with a large curved glass front, allowing for optimum product display, whilst still being serve-over and having full rear perspex door system. The refrigeration fit out consists of...
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Butchers Display Refrigeration Melbourne

Britex Australia are experts in manufacturing custom refrigerated display cabinets for Melbourne butchers and fresh food retailers and have countless years of experience in this space. The MNK team play their part in the process, from installing refrigeration components and the condensing units, to commissioning and setting up the systems for the site conditions. MNK...
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Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne

The Installation team at MNK Technical Services, along with our partners at Britex Stainless have recently completed the manufacture and installation of refrigerated meat display cabinets for the new Rainbow Meats store at Croydon Victoria. The meat cabinet refrigeration system consists of cold-plate refrigerated base and rear mounted horizontal configuration static cross-fin coil. Britex have...
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