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Commercial fridge repair for Melbourne businesses

Even if you have existing commercial fridges and food storage cabinets that are not performing at an optimal level, there are options you can take that do not involve completely starting over with brand new units. MNK Technical Services offer a thorough inspection service and commercial fridge repairs to Melbourne businesses. Our experienced technicians will...
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24/7 commercial fridge repairs for Melbourne businesses

If your commercial fridge breaks down, it can mean big costs for your business and inconvenience to your customers. At MNK Technical Services, we offer professional commercial fridge repairs across Melbourne, 24/7. Food is a fickle thing, and the laws around refrigeration temperatures and exposure to temperatures are extremely strict, for good reason – no-one...
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Efficient, affordable HVAC systems in Melbourne

Australia is a country of extremes Рour summers can be unbearably hot, and our winters bone-chillingly cold. MNK Technical Services are the experts in installing HVAC systems in Melbourne, helping businesses and homes stay at the right temperature, no matter the time of year. HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems take the hassle out of...
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