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Commercial Refrigeration Installers

The team at MNK Technical Services have been keeping busy installing new commercial refrigeration equipment for new and existing customers across Melbourne. MNK are specialist refrigeration installers and contractors, we work with leading industry manufacturers of refrigerated cabinets and bespoke suppliers to deliver unique outcomes. Whether you are a butcher, food retailer, or hospitality operator...
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Refrigeration Service Melbourne

They say that the weather in Melbourne can be unpredictable, and sometimes you can see several seasons in the one day. Some days unbearably hot and humid, other days can be bone chillingly cold, and there are days that are just in between. Spare a thought for the many businesses that rely on commercial refrigeration...
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Commercial Fridge Service Melbourne

The Team at MNK spend a large percentage of their working week in and around hospitality and fresh food retail businesses, from supermarkets and pubs to butchers and bakers and everything in between, we know the hard work and sacrifice that our clients endure in running a successful business. We also know what our clients...
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Commercial Refrigeration Repair Melbourne

If you run a business that relies heavily on refrigeration as part of your day to day operation, then you know that maximum uptime of your refrigeration assets are key to your operation. You may be a hospitality operator with food and beverage refrigeration, a fresh food retailer with display cabinets or a producer with...
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Refrigerant Phase Out in Australia

Currently the most widely used refrigerants in the local commercial refrigeration sector are Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) which have zero Ozone-Depletion Potential (zero-ODP). However, even though HFCs have a zero-ODP, in most cases they have a high Global Warming Potential (high-GWP). How to lower the index of ODP and GWP at the same time is a hot...
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Commercial Refrigeration Installations for Melbourne

The installation crew at MNK Technical Services recently completed the refrigeration display fridges for a brand new butchers shop in Melbourne. The stainless steel and curved glass refrigerated cabinets were custom designed and built by our colleagues at Britex, with our guys looking after the the refrigeration fit out of the cabinets, and installation and...
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Commercial Refrigeration Installation

The team at MNK recently finished installing new commercial refrigeration display cabinets for a bayside retailers brand new store in Melbourne. In conjunction with Arneg Oceania who supplied the refrigeration cabinets, and the clients own refrigeration technician, who we involved in the project – everybody played a part in ensuring the outcome looks amazing. We...
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Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne

It’s been a busy “summer period” for the crew at MNK Technical Services, although we haven’t seen any long spells of hot weather this season, it certainly has been consistently warmish from November right through to March, making sure that the refrigeration systems of Melbourne have been working hard. Heading into the cooler months is...
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Commercial Refrigeration Installation

The team at MNK alongside our partners at Arneg Oceania recently completed a commercial refrigeration installation for a local Melbourne fresh retailer, the store remained trading throughout the renovation works which included the addition of an entire new trading section with service deli, dairy, and frozen offering as well as extension to the already expansive...
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Refrigerant gas leak detection

The crew at MNK recently had a situation where a client’s coolroom was losing refrigerant every few months and affecting the operating temperature. We tried the conventional methods of detecting the source of the leak, such as electronic leak detectors to “sniff” for refrigerant in the air, UV dye additive to the system and examination...
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