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Commercial Fridge Service for Melbourne Businesses

If your commercial fridge breaks down, it can mean big costs for your business and inconvenience to your customers. At MNK Technical Services, we offer professional commercial fridge repairs across Melbourne, 24/7. Food is a fickle thing, and the laws around refrigeration temperatures and exposure to temperatures are extremely strict, for good reason – no-one...
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Security Systems Melbourne

A little known service that MNK offer its clients is the supply and installation of high quality security equipment, we hold appropriate licensing with Vic-Pol to advise on and install security equipment in the state of Victoria. We recently installed a tailored system for a client consisting of fixed wired and also wireless components, known...
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Commercial Refrigeration Sales Melbourne

If you run a supermarket, a hotel, a cafe, or restaurant, then the team at MNK Technical Service have your Melbourne Commercial Refrigeration Sales covered. We specialise in all aspects of commercial refrigeration equipment, and it is truly amazing the variety of specialised equipment that is now available to Melbourne Hospitality and Food Service Operators...
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Commercial Refrigeration Installations Melbourne

Besides offering expert repairs and maintenance to refrigeration systems for our boutique client base, MNK are also specialist sub-contract installers for leading industry suppliers. Focusing on commercial and industry sectors, from hospitality and food retailers to supermarkets and manufacturers, we enjoy an enviable reputation in this space for getting the job done with a minimum...
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Commercial Fridge Service Melbourne

MNK Technical Services are keeping things cool right across Melbourne. As we head into winter, its the perfect time for business operators to have their commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment maintained, repaired, and refurbished. Supermarkets, hospitality, commercial kitchens, food retailers and producers all use refrigeration equipment as a key part of their business. When your...
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Refrigerated Display Cabinets Melbourne

Display fridges are an important feature in any food retail, hospitality, or supermarket business, the main purpose being to showcase products for sale whilst keeping them under refrigeration. Display fridges come in many  generic shapes and sizes and can vary in style and quality, it pays to seek specialist advice when considering the purchase of...
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Commercial Fridge Refurbishment Melbourne

Refrigerated display cabinets are a key part of any business that deals in fresh food, your display fridge is a window into your business and usually front and centre in full view of the public. So why do some retailers allow their valuable refrigerated asset to deteriorate and look tired and shabby? A sparkling clean,...
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Coolroom Repairs Melbourne Technical Tips

Walk in cool rooms and freezer rooms are important fixtures in any business that deals with perishables, you might be a food retailer, a supermarket, or a busy hospitality kitchen; no matter what your business entails, a failure of key refrigeration assets spells major disruption to your trade. There is no substitute for regular preventative...
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Refrigeration Maintenance – Technical Tips from the Trade

With summer all but over, operators in the food retail and hospitality sector often take a moment to reflect on the busy season just passed and the long year ahead, maybe they ask themselves how can we it better or more efficiently next time around. Did vital refrigeration equipment let you down at the worst...
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