Commercial fridge repair for Melbourne businesses

Even if you have existing commercial fridges and food storage cabinets that are not performing at an optimal level, there are options you can take that do not involve completely starting over with brand new units.

MNK Technical Services offer a thorough inspection service and commercial fridge repairs to Melbourne businesses. Our experienced technicians will visit your premises and assess the energy-efficiency of the refrigeration units you have and give you a number of possible options to increase the efficiency and operation of these units.

Recently, MNK Technical Services assisted one of our long-term clients with their refrigeration units. Jim runs Sumo Noodles in Melbourne and was faced with the dilemma of what to do with his main refrigerated service and storage cabinet. The cabinet had been in use for some time, and was no longer holding optimal temperature nor was it running reliably. However, the unit and its surrounding cabinetry were substantial features in the front of house and replacing the unit would have been a major financial expense.

Instead, MNK presented Jim with a range of options and associated costs to solve the problem. Together, MNK and Jim determined the best and most cost-efficient option was to leave the cabinet in place and upgrade the refrigeration plant where it was situated.

The team from MNK stripped out the old evaporators and refrigeration compressor and supplied and fitted a new plant with a substantially increased capacity. The system was also converted from the soon-to-be redundant and environmentally-damaging R22 refrigerant to a much more environmentally-friendly and efficient R404A refrigerant.

With new LED lighting, the display cabinet now has a new lease on life and is saving costs for Sumo Noodles. If you too need commercial fridge repairs Melbourne-wide, contact our friendly team of professionals here at MNK Technical Services.