Refrigeration audits, Melbourne

MNK Technical Services is able to carry out efficient and effective diagnosis and auditing of the energy use associated with operating large commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Energy costs are continually rising and refrigeration systems are notoriously energy hungry, especially if not correctly set up.

At MNK Technical Services, we have the experience in the hospitality and supermarket sector to know that a commercial kitchen, pub, market, fresh food retailer or manufacturer all need reliable refrigeration equipment that functions at an optimal level at all times. If your Melbourne industrial refrigeration equipment is not running efficiently, you run the risk of substantially increasing your energy costs and also risk wasting food and produce due to equipment downtime.

Equipment and energy audits will provide your business with a clear assessment of your current energy use and the environmental efficiency and sustainability of that equipment.

We are always on the lookout for environmentally sustainable equipment to offer our clients; equipment that will lower electricity costs within a business as well as providing optimal refrigeration solutions. MNK Technical Services prides itself on being across the latest technology in energy efficient refrigeration equipment and service practices, including alternative refrigerants, variable speed drives and smart control systems that specifically target optimal energy consumption.

Contact our friendly and professional team to organise for an equipment and energy audit at your premises and see how much money you can save! Consider putting in place a regular maintenance schedule too. Programmed maintenance for your industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment will ensure the equipment is always running at optimal efficiency and it will also decrease the likelihood of any unwanted breakdowns or problems.

And if out equipment and energy audits reveal problems with your refrigerators, we provide a range of refrigeration equipment sales in Melbourne and beyond.