Refrigeration Repairs Across Melbourne

Its the time of the year where the demands on refrigeration equipment hit their peak, as soon as the weather heats up your refrigeration assets are working flat out just to maintain satisfactory temperature. Most savvy operators have already had preventative checks carried out by qualified technicians in order to prepare their fridges for the hot weather and the busy holiday period, the last thing retailers need is to be worrying about the reliability of their refrigeration units, and the potential for breakdowns, loss of stock, and interruption to valuable trade.

If your business relies on commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, hospitality refrigeration, or specialised refrigeration to keep your products chilled and beverages cold, then MNK Technical Services can provide you with a 20 point preventative maintenance service to your units, for less $$$ than you may think ! You may be a commercial kitchen or a funky bar, a butcher shop or a supermarket, the crew at MNK have you covered Melbourne wide.

And if the worst happens and your refrigeration system stops working, then MNK Technical Services also provide an emergency repair service, 24/7 365 days a year for our contracted clients.

Call us today to discuss how we can attend to your requirements.