Commercial Fridge Repairs Melbourne

Is your commercial display fridge looking tired ? have the doors given up closing ? lights flickering ? time for a new fridge ? ever thought of an on-site refurbishment to your current refrigerated display cabinet for a fraction of what a new cabinet would cost.

One of our clients needed to do something about the tired look of their main food display fridge, the sliding doors kept falling out and the light tubes needed to be constantly replaced. With business costs ever increasing, our client really couldn’t afford a brand new fridge just at the moment. Instead we worked out an in-store refurbishment to address the issues.

We fitted a brand new double glazed rear sliding door system with new tracks and the works, we removed the old fluro lighting system and fitted new low voltage LED lights to all the shelves. We also gave the refrigeration system the once over and flushed out the condenser coil with a food grade treatment to improve efficiency.

If your existing cabinets are looking a little shabby and you think they may be suited to an on-site refurbishment, give MNK a call to discuss your needs.