Commercial Fridge Service Melbourne

MNK Technical Services are keeping things cool right across Melbourne. As we head into winter, its the perfect time for business operators to have their commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment maintained, repaired, and refurbished. Supermarkets, hospitality, commercial kitchens, food retailers and producers all use refrigeration equipment as a key part of their business.

When your refrigeration equipment stops working at the worst possible time, you need emergency service and repairs carried out by qualified industry professionals. MNK technicians are qualified and experienced operators, we keep abreast of industry changes and the latest in technology, which is vitally important in this era of refrigerant gas evolution and environmental impact awareness.

Refrigeration systems can have a multi-faceted adverse impact on the environment if not correctly maintained, both through potential gas loss to the atmosphere and excess energy consumption resulting in high power bills and of course additional contributions to greenhouse emissions. MNK have spent considerable time helping businesses tune their refrigeration equipment to be more efficient.

If you have commercial refrigeration equipment in Melbourne that requires service and repair, an energy efficiency audit or a tune-up – give MNK Technical Services a call.

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