Commercial refrigeration Melbourne

Are you starting a new commercial business in Melbourne? Maybe a new local café, restaurant, or even a large kitchen in an office environment? In the hurly-burly of a new business enterprise, it is not surprising that costs and expenses rise to a level that is more than you had budgeted for. The first thing to do is look for ways to trim those costs and up-front expenditures are often first to get the chop!

You’ve looked into Melbourne commercial refrigeration options and decided that as much as you would like a commercial appliance, the cost is prohibitive, the budget is looking strained and you have seen a residential freezer and fridge for a much more affordable and cheaper price than the commercial model. While it is tempting to go with the cheaper option, take a moment to consider what you are really buying.

A residential fridge is cheaper because of the materials it is made from. These materials are great for the home user, but they are not tough enough to endure the kind of treatment they get from hard and very regular use in a professional environment.

For professional and commercial use, you need powerful compressors to keep temperatures at their required levels. Remember that when you are running a commercial business with food, you are legally required keep your foodstuffs at certain temperatures for the stringent health and safety requirements that exist here in Melbourne.

MNK Technical Services has a team of fully qualified and experienced refrigeration technicians who are happy to advise you on the type of refrigeration system you typically need if you are launching a food manufacturing or food retail and hospitality business.  Commercial refrigeration Melbourne is our business, so let us help you get the best start possible with your new business today!