Energy savings for your Melbourne commercial refrigeration

When you are running a small business, keeping costs down is an essential part of ensuring your business is successful.

Keeping energy use down keeps energy bills and costs down too, and any small business would be mad not to ensure their energy usage is as low as possible. There are a long list of ways that a business can reduce their energy usage. You do not need to have an entire new system installed, you can simply improve the current refrigeration units you have. One of the easiest ways to assess your units is an audit by our commercial refrigeration team in Melbourne.

Where a business displays foods or foodstuffs, the refrigerated display cabinets can be a major source of energy costs. Studies have shown that without doors or covers over the refrigeration cabinets, significantly more energy needs to be used to keep the cabinets and the food within them at the required temperatures.

This extra energy usage leads to great energy costs from your energy supplier. While there will be a cost to installing refrigeration units with doors or retro-fitting doors to existing units, the long-term energy cost savings will be substantial for any business.

The professional and experienced technicians at MNK Technical Services can visit your premises and thoroughly inspect your existing commercial refrigeration units. If there are any energy savings to be made for your Melbourne commercial refrigeration units, our technicians will report back to you. From there, you can spend some time with MNK to determine a plan of action to lower your energy usage and energy costs. Where you have refrigerated display cabinets for food, doors are one of our first recommendations!

Contact the friendly and professional team here at MNK Technical Services and make a time for us to visit your business. A saving in energy costs will result in a saving in your next energy bill!