Industrial refrigeration in Melbourne

Just like our fridge at home, industrial refrigeration is required to keep things cool or cold, but just on a much larger scale! Industrial refrigeration in Melbourne is required to keep more than a litre of milk and a selection of groceries cool – industrial refrigeration is needed for large scale cold storage, process cooling, precooling for air conditioning and much more. It can also be a part of a much larger system with which it needs to be integrated with.

MNK Technical Services has the experience and technical capability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of industrial refrigeration services Melbourne-wide. MNK Technical Services can design, construct and install industrial refrigeration systems to meet the requirements of your business, whether large or small.

Once installed, you can rely on MNK Technical Services to ensure your appliances and systems are kept in optimal working order with regular servicing. Having a maintenance schedule in place is a brilliant way to save time and money that would otherwise be lost due to breakdowns and the necessary repairs that subsequently need to be undertaken to get your equipment back to working order. Our trained technicians can modify and refurbish existing systems w

MNK Technical Services promotes the use of energy efficient industrial refrigeration systems for Melbourne businesses. An energy efficient system is not only good for the environment; such a system also provides your business with financial savings over time as well.

Rely on our professional and experienced technicians here at MNK Technical Services for the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of all your industrial refrigeration Melbourne-wide. Whatever your business, MNK Technical Services are here to help you.