Emergency refrigeration repairs in Melbourne

PUB WITH NO COLD BEER ! – The “on call ” team at MNK received an urgent request for emergency refrigeration repairs in Melbourne from a well-known hotel on Grand Final Eve. The refrigeration system that cools all of the tap beer in the venue had failed. We attended immediately to diagnose the fault and found the issue to be serious and require replacement of the refrigeration compressor.

Our well-practiced emergency refrigeration repair routine kicked into gear, we were able to locate a new compressor through our suppliers after -hours network and allocate our staffing and resources to hit the ground running early on Grand Final Day.

We were able to restore the beer cooling system  to correct operation well in advance of the commencement of the big game, happy client and happy patrons.

MNK can assist you with emergency refrigeration repairs in Melbourne and beyond and keep your business trading when it matters most.

MNK are specialists in hospitality, food retail, supermarket and commercial refrigeration systems, you could say that MNK Technical Services are the ones to call for emergency fridge repairs in Melbourne.