keep your cool on the road this summer

Heavy Road Transport is the lifeblood of industry in this country and virtually every item we posses was transported by truck at some stage during its production or delivery. The demand on these heavy vehicles and their operators is constant and relentless, even more so during the hot weather, when it becomes vital for drivers to have correctly operating air-conditioning to ensure optimal working conditions.

For many of the Drivers that have Interstate runs, there will be times where they have to try and sleep in the truck during the heat of the day after travelling to their destination overnight, this is where the importance of dedicated bunk-cooling systems as an OH&S and fatigue management tool come into play.

The team at MNK Technical Services have valuable experience in service and maintenance of the air-conditioning systems used in heavy transport vehicles, we also repair all the major brands of bunk-cooling systems found on Australian Highways.

We are set up to work mobile as required and can come to you, next time you need service or repair to your Truck Air Conditioning in Melbourne give MNK Technical Services a call.