Cleaning Your Commercial Refrigeration Cabinet

Your commercial refrigeration cabinet needs to be kept clean at all times for several important reasons. First of all, it ensures health risks to staff and customers are kept at an absolute minimum, this is a critical factor in mitigating any potential for food contamination from unhygienic conditions. It also helps you to tick all the boxes when you’re undergoing compliance health checks. Finally, it helps protect your investment – commercial fridges can be a major cost for a small business operator and regular housekeeping can maximise your Return On Investment.

Think of your fridge like a high-end vehicle that requires consistent care and check-ups. Ensuring you run regular maintenance checks will keep your fridge in tiptop condition and if there are any problems, you’ll catch them quickly. Try and clean your fridge from top to bottom every couple of weeks. Schedule it like clockwork, plan a clean when your fridge is at its emptiest. Use commercial cleaning products for best results. The main thing to keep in mind is that each clean should be rigorous and complete – don’t be afraid to use a little elbow grease.

While cleaning a commercial fridge doesn’t require extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the equipment, it is advisable to train a specific member of staff to do the job. This ensures that nothing is damaged during the cleaning process and that if anything needs to be removed, it’s put back properly and exactly where it needs to go, this is a key factor in avoiding unnecessary technical issues that can arise from incorrectly fitted trays or panels.

We advise consulting your refrigeration service contractor on how best you can help contribute to the overall maintenance program for your equipment, sort of like brushing and flossing your teeth diligently in between visits to the dentist. MNK Technical Services can expertly advise you on, and help you to tailor a specific housekeeping schedule for your refrigeration equipment that you can carry out yourself in between scheduled visits by a qualified, licensed, accredited and experienced contractor – such as the crew at MNK Technical Services