Refrigerant Leaks are bad for your bottom line and the environment

Anybody running a business that relies on commercial refrigeration or industrial refrigeration systems as a key asset knows very well how disruptive and costly any failure of these systems can be. A major factor in system failures is loss of the refrigeration gas (refrigerant) from the system.

A partial loss of refrigerant over time can cause gradual deterioration of efficiency within the system, degraded performance resulting in the system not holding correct storage temperatures, increased energy use, potential for perishable product spoilage and eventual permanent damage to refrigeration equipment. Sudden major loss of refrigerant can result in rapid loss of storage temperature for perishable products, and depending on the type of safety controls fitted to your system, can result in full system shutdown, or in the case of systems with limited safety controls in place, they keep running without refrigerant, causing permanent mechanical damage and possible contamination to the internals of the system. Not to mention of course the contribution to global warming that unnecessary refrigerant emissions can cause.

Checking your refrigeration systems for refrigerant leaks can be a simple process if carried out on a regular basis, just like regular cleaning of evaporator coils and condenser coils and periodic maintenance by a qualified and experienced technician promotes efficient and hygienic operation of refrigeration systems, it is important that potential leak points for refrigerant and also checked. Modern refrigeration systems, although mostly more reliable than their older counterparts, can still leak refrigerant from any number of locations on brazed joints, copper fittings, or compression fittings.

Today’s technicians have a wide arsenal of methods at their disposal for detecting refrigerant leaks, varying in simplicity from soapy water sprayed on fittings through to electronic sniffers, ultra violet dyes, static and dynamic┬ávacuum┬átests and hydrogen trace gases. How do you what method is right for your system ? that’s where we come in!

The team at MNK are well experienced with finding and repairing refrigerant leaks in Commercial Refrigeration and Industrial Refrigeration systems, we have the latest equipment, follow the best in work practices and keep well informed of current legislation regarding refrigerant phase-outs and reporting of refrigerant purchases, this means we keep your business compliant and your refrigeration cold.

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