Commercial refrigeration repair

Recently the team from MNK carried out a unique commercial refrigeration repair for a client, our client has a large freezer storage room that is key to their 7 day food production operation so any downtime of the system is a critical event. Regular preventative maintenance to clients commercial refrigeration equipment picked up refrigerant leaks beginning to appear on the radial condenser of the roof mounted, box style, condensing unit that supplies the freezer room. Its not unusual for this type of condenser to develop fatigue cracks, they are tricky to repair and generally fail again in time, usually the best course of action is to replace the entire condenser.

To replace a condenser whilst keeping the system up and running is no easy task, but something that the team at MNK are well experienced in from past projects carrying out commercial refrigeration equipment upgrades on trading supermarkets. Our plan was to supply and fit a new remote condenser to the existing unit (with extra capacity for future expansion) allowing us to install the unit, fabricate the pipework and connect the electrical supply without interrupting the operation of the freezer room. The final step was to disconnect the leaking condenser from the refrigeration system and connect the new condenser, the result being very limited downtime of the refrigeration system and no interruption to the continuity of the freezer and our clients operations.

If you have a unique or difficult commercial fridge service or commercial fridge repair, let MNK show you how it can be done with limited interruption to your business.