Ice Machine Service

Restaurants and other venues that serve food or drinks have ice machines that churn out ice in large quantities. But, did you know that ice machines can be hazardous to public health if not cleaned and maintained properly with regular services by a qualified technician. Here are some maintenance tips for ice machines to help keep them germ-free and functioning properly:

Impurities can be present in any water supply, no matter how much it has been properly treated. As a result, the smell and taste of the ice can be altered and can contaminate the drinks that it is served in, or the ice cubes can take on any odours that may be present in the storage bin. Regular maintenance of your machine and periodically emptying and sanitising the ice storage bin can avoid any stale or dank smells.

It is highly recommended that a quality water filter assembly be installed on the water inlet line, and the filter element or cartridge be replaced at least every 6 months.

Commercial ice machines are breeding grounds for slime and mould growth. Some machines already have plastic parts installed that are guaranteed to be resistant to slime and mould growth. It is recommended as part of regular maintenance checks that your technician inspects and cleans your machines internal components to prevent mould. Mould can be present in the water tank and evaporator plate and cover and quite literally be in contact with the water that becomes the ice cube.

Ice machines in commercial premises whether large or small, need to be cleaned and sanitised regularly. While changing the water filter and adding antimicrobial protection are necessary maintenance techniques, they cannot do their job properly unless a thorough internal clean is carried out.

In addition to the important hygiene aspects of your ice machine it is of course important to have the refrigeration system maintained at the same time, this can be as simple as keeping the condenser coil clean of dust and ensuring gas level and running pressures are at factory specification.

The team at MNK are fully qualified and have extensive experience in repairs and service to most brands of commercial ice makers. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your ice machine.