Refrigeration Equipment & Maintenance Melbourne

The Team at MNK recently carried out preventative maintenance and cleaning to a large industrial coolroom within a food manufacturing facility. We thoroughly checked the refrigeration plant to ensure optimum performance, carried out checks on oil level, refrigerant level, compressor operation, and checked all the condenser fans.

Due to the height of the room we used an elevated work platform to gain access to the evaporator coils where we checked the operation of each coil, checked the TX valves, checked that all fans were operating, and that the coil was cooling satisfactorily. Once the technical checks were carried we then removed the dust build from within the coil blocks and fan housings, this was done with a combination of liquid coil cleaner and nitrogen pressure and industrial vacuum. We also cleaned the coolroom panel and made sure the drain outlets were clear.

If you have refrigeration equipment then you should ensure it is regularly maintained by qualified experts, let MNK Technical Services assist you with your refrigeration needs whether they be commercial or industrial.