Coolroom Repairs Melbourne Technical Tips

Walk in cool rooms and freezer rooms are important fixtures in any business that deals with perishables, you might be a food retailer, a supermarket, or a busy hospitality kitchen; no matter what your business entails, a failure of key refrigeration assets spells major disruption to your trade. There is no substitute for regular preventative maintenance, but there are some important tasks an astute operator can take care of that make a big difference in helping to minimise avoidable issues.

Cleanliness of the fan coil unit inside the room is one area, this item is called the evaporator coil, also known as FDC (forced draft coil) or the “blower” in tech speak. The simplified purpose of the blower is to circulate and distribute the cold air within the refrigerated space, to achieve this the blower consists of single or multiple fan motors drawing or blowing air through aluminium finned copper coils. The aluminium fins must be kept clear of dust build up at all times, a small brush can used to do this, care must be taken to brush up or down in the same direction as the fins and not brush “across” the fins as this will caused them to be bent over. It is also important that fan motors are kept clean and any faulty fan motors are replaced as soon as possible, also make sure the condensate drain is flowing freely, our pictures below are some examples of what happens when basic blower maintenance is not carried out.

If you need refrigeration repairs or maintenance, or even advice on how you can do you own basic checks to your refrigeration equipment – call the experts at MNK Technical Services, we fix the things that others cant.