Commercial Fridge Refurbishment Melbourne

Refrigerated display cabinets are a key part of any business that deals in fresh food, your display fridge is a window into your business and usually front and centre in full view of the public. So why do some retailers allow their valuable refrigerated asset to deteriorate and look tired and shabby? A sparkling clean, well lit, beautifully stocked display fridge is an important form of advertisement for premium food retailers, and besides, it just makes good business sense to look after your gear.

If you have commercial refrigeration in Melbourne and need advice on how to get your refrigerated display cabinets back up to scratch and looking like new, then you need to call the crew from MNK. We can asses your current refrigeration assets with a view to cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment of your existing equipment and advise on the most economic process. Recent projects have seen us source all manner of components that either meet or exceed the OEM specification, from evaporator coils and wire coated shelving to sliding door systems and double insulated glass panels, from door hinges and handles to fascia panels, trims, and door seals. Give MNK Technical Services a call if you need commercial refrigeration service in Melbourne.