Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne

The Installation team at MNK Technical Services, along with our partners at Britex Stainless have recently completed the manufacture and installation of refrigerated meat display cabinets for the new Rainbow Meats store at Croydon Victoria.

The meat cabinet refrigeration system consists of cold-plate refrigerated base and rear mounted horizontal configuration static cross-fin coil. Britex have been custom building fresh retail display cabinets for many years, the evolved product is the real deal, these full stainless steel units are proper old-school butchers display cabinets, but with modern tweaks to ensure that food is stored within correct storage guidelines whilst being energy efficient, and of course, good looking !

The cross-fin coils are fully Australian made and have been specially coated to ensure they give many years of trouble free service whilst being resistant to chemical sanitizers and cleaning methods that are part of good hygiene practices.

We have designed these units to give us the capability to set different temperature zones throughout the cabinets, the cross fin and cold-plate can also be adjusted independently. The refrigeration is supplied by 2 semi hermetic outdoor condensing units custom built for us by Coldpoint in Melbourne, we specified variable speed drives on these units. The VSD units give us the ability to softly-start the compressors and ramp the speed according to required refrigeration load, this reduces wear and tear on the compressors, but importantly reduces the peak power consumption needed to start the 3 phase compressors.

Stopping and starting of a refrigeration compressor based on the signal from a thermostat or pressure switch is generally accepted as the time-honored method of temperature control.

However, these days we know that continually stopping and starting a compressor as required uses a lot of energy – part of the job of a variable speed drive, when correctly commissioned is to match the refrigeration power output to the required refrigeration load by raising or lowering the speed of the compressor, the theory being that keeping the unit operating and matching it to the required load ( where possible ) instead of stop-start operation, results in a more stable outcome, reduces peak power loads and will consume much less energy over time.

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