Butchers Display Refrigeration Melbourne

Britex Australia are experts in manufacturing custom refrigerated display cabinets for Melbourne butchers and fresh food retailers and have countless years of experience in this space. The MNK team play their part in the process, from installing refrigeration components and the condensing units, to commissioning and setting up the systems for the site conditions. MNK have an extensive background in refrigeration systems for food storage and display.

The crew recently completed manufacture and installation of new display cabinets for Meat Savvy of Ringwood in the east of Melbourne, new condensing units and refrigeration lines were installed to accommodate the upgraded cabinets. The works were coordinated with all trades to minimise downtime for the retailer, out with the old and in with the new, saw the whole transition completed in a matter of days.

If your’re a retailer in the fresh food game, then you know that your refrigerated display cabinet is a key tool in sales and presentation of your product – it also needs to operate at the correct temperature and humidity for optimum product life. Talk to the experts at Britex and MNK Technical Services for the best in custom built fresh food display fridges.