Food Display Refrigeration

The Crew recently completed manufacture of a custom built fresh food display cabinet for a business down in Lake Entrance. The cabinet is full stainless steel construction with a large curved glass front, allowing for optimum product display, whilst still being serve-over and having full rear perspex door system.

The refrigeration fit out consists of refrigerated cross fin coil overhead and refrigerated coldplate base. The point of difference with this cabinet is that it has a self-contained refrigeration condensing unit fully installed underneath and was able to be commissioned and tested before leaving the factory.

Britex and MNK have been custom building display refrigeration for customers across Melbourne and Victoria and even into country N.S.W.

As you can see in our pictures, this cabinet is a true custom built fresh food display cabinet and has all the attributes of its larger cousins that are generally seen in most fresh butcher and deli retailers. This cute little cabinet was able to installed at site with a minimum of fuss due to not needing to have remote motors and interconnecting pipe work installed, meaning virtually no interruption to normal trade for the end user.

If your business is in the market for a fresh food retail display, refrigerated butchers display or anything in between – then give the experts at Britex and MNK Technical Services a call