Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Melbourne

The team from MNK Technical Services recently assisted a client that runs a large field catering department within the government sector. The clients low temperature storage room has given faithful service over many years. On a recent preventative maintenance visit, we had flagged to the client that the condensing unit for the freezer room was reaching the end of its reliable service life. MNK prepared a proposal and quotation for an upgraded condensing unit to be fitted to the freezer.

MNK had the new condensing unit built to our specification by Coldpoint, one of few remaining suppliers that will actually build equipment to order and spec, rather than just offer an “off the shelf” solution, the unit consisted of Copeland compressor, oil separator, suction accumulator, and condenser fan speed control – these key components form part of our preference for low-temp applications.

The old condensing unit had to be taken off-line several days before the planned upgrade due to a crack in the compressor housing, we were able to fast-track our works to ensure the freezer room had minimal downtime. The old unit was decommissioned and removed, key electrical connections were tidied up prior to the new unit being positioned.

We fitted a new evaporator fan and a new MOP TX valve to the late model Buffalo Trident evaporator coil, the new condensing unit was installed and pressure tested with dry nitrogen to ensure no system leaks. After being evacuated to under 500 microns the system was charged with refrigerant and ready to be tested.

The team at MNK Technical Services have many years of experience in commercial refrigeration, we know what works and what doesn’t – we make use of our hard earned knowledge and todays technology to ensure the equipment we specify for our end users is best industry standard and suited to the task.

If we can assist your business with commercial refrigeration repairs in Melbourne, please feel free to contact us.