Refrigerated Food Display Melbourne

The team from MNK Technical Services and Britex Australia have been busy in the lead up to summer, doing what they do best in the field of refrigerated fresh food retail display cabinets. A pleasing trend is that the retail public are re-embracing their “local butcher” – we are seeing the resurgence in popularity of the local, family owned gourmet butcher. With the all too recently remembered COVID shortages in the chain stores / supermarkets and their insistence on pre-packed meat portions – we see the discerning meat buyer want quality, specific cuts of meat and to be able to see and talk to their butcher.

Cue Britex and their custom built stainless steel and glass display cabinets with old school coldplate and static coil-over refrigeration. What does this mean ? – No forced air on the product, no drying out of freshly cut meat, no circulation of odours through the food, the meat retains its colour and freshness. The Britex displays have evolved over many years, they encompass a modern look whilst retaining the tried and proven method of refrigerating fresh meat / deli without drying and spoiling it.

For all your custom refrigerated display needs – look no further than MNK Technical Services and Britex.