Energy Saving and Commercial Refrigeration for Melbourne Retailers

As a retailer, whether you are a supermarket, a pub, restaurant or butcher , keeping costs down is an essential part of ensuring your business is successful.

A refrigeration system can be a major draw on electrical energy, so it can be beneficial to reducing the size of your power bill to ensure your refrigeration system is operating efficiently. Some of this goes hand-in-hand with the reason for the original repair, as many system issues will cause the equipment to consume excessive energy.

Additionally – in the fresh food retail sector, refrigerated display cabinets can be a major source of energy costs. Studies have shown that without doors or covers over the refrigeration cabinets, significantly more energy needs to be used to keep the cabinets and the food within them at the required temperatures.

Here is a basic calculation of how your refrigeration system consumes electricity and how that equates to dollars and cents:

Cost = (kilowatts consumed) x (hours in use) x (cost per kWh)

For example, if the utility company charges $0.30 cents per kWh, a system that consumes 5 kW and operates for 10 hours a day will cost a customer $15 per day to operate ($0.30 per kWh x 10 hours x 5 kW). This formula serves to highlight that the system “run time” is the major factor in energy usage by the refrigeration unit.

$15 dollars a day is close to $5.5K per year.

Retailers can help in preventing excessive equipment run time by making sure their refrigeration plant is kept in good shape, operated correctly, and regularly maintained by qualified and proficient technicians.

MNK Technical Services are specialists in energy audits for commercial refrigeration in Melbourne, we have extensive industry experience in the diagnostics and commissioning of refrigeration equipment found in Supermarkets, Hospitality Venues, Commercial Kitchens and Commercial Food Display Systems.

If you think your business could benefit by reducing your energy usage and you would like to save money on energy costs for your commercial refrigeration equipment, then give the experts at MNK Technical Services a call, we can inspect your refrigeration systems and ensure your equipment is running efficiently, giving you optimum energy saving and longer service life.