Save with an energy audit from a commercial refrigeration expert in Melbourne

As a retailer, whether you are a supermarket, a pub, restaurant or butcher, when you call a refrigeration technician to come out and repair a failed system, the main job of the technician is to get your system up and running again and to keep you trading. However, a good Melbourne commercial refrigeration technician will also make sure your equipment is not wasting energy and adding unnecessary costs to your business.

A refrigeration system can be a major draw on electrical energy, so it can be a real benefit when a technician can make sure the system is operating efficiently. Some of this goes hand-in-hand with repair, as many system issues will cause the equipment to consume excessive energy.

For example, a system operating with a 23 percent refrigerant undercharge could result in a 52 percent efficiency loss. A dirty condenser coil can increase system energy consumption by up to 37 percent.

Here is a basic calculation of how your refrigeration system consumes electricity and how that equates to dollars and cents:

Cost = (kilowatts consumed) x (hours in use) x (cost per kWh)

For example, if the utility company charges $0.22 cents per kWh, a system that consumes 5 kW and operates for 10 hours a day will cost a customer $11 per day to operate ($0.22 per kWh x 10 hours x 5 kW).

This formula serves to highlight that the system “run time” is the major factor in energy usage by the refrigeration unit.

Therefore reducing the “run time” of your refrigeration system must directly result in reduced electricity bills.

You can help in preventing excessive run time by making sure your refrigeration plant is in good shape, and simple housekeeping tips like not opening fridge or cool-room doors unnecessarily.

Check the door gaskets and hinges to ensure the door closes properly and creates a sufficient seal with the cabinet. Torn or worn door gaskets need to be replaced and broken or loose door hinges need to be repaired.

On low-temperature systems, check the defrost system. Ensure the defrost cycle duration is the minimum required. Incorrect or default settings can lead to excessive defrost periods, leading, in turn, to excessive run times to recover the temperature and also wasted energy not only in compressor run time, but also running defrost heater elements longer than needed.

Another area to examine on refrigeration systems is the temperature control. A defective or misadjusted temperature control can cause a system to operate at a lower set temperature, which can lead to excessive run times. Operating a freezer at a lower temperature than required may not be perceived as a problem, but is a waste of energy.

Ensuring that your systems condenser coil is clean and free of dust and working efficiently is extremely important in ensuring minimum possible runtime, as is ensuring that the refrigerant charge is at the correct level.

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