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Ice Machine Service

Restaurants and other venues that serve food or drinks have ice machines that churn out ice in large quantities. But, did you know that ice machines can be hazardous to public health if not cleaned and maintained properly with regular services by a qualified technician. Here are some maintenance tips for ice machines to help keep...
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Refrigeration Repair

If you run a business that relies heavily on refrigeration, whether that be commercial refrigeration or industrial refrigeration, then you know that maximum uptime of your refrigeration assets are key to your operation. You may be a bar or restaurant with beer coolers or food storage cabinets, a supermarket with frozen food display fridges, or...
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Commercial refrigeration repair

Recently the team from MNK carried out a unique commercial refrigeration repair for a client, our client has a large freezer storage room that is key to their 7 day food production operation so any downtime of the system is a critical event. Regular preventative maintenance to clients commercial refrigeration equipment picked up refrigerant leaks...
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Refrigerant Leaks are bad for your bottom line and the environment

Anybody running a business that relies on commercial refrigeration or industrial refrigeration systems as a key asset knows very well how disruptive and costly any failure of these systems can be. A major factor in system failures is loss of the refrigeration gas (refrigerant) from the system. A partial loss of refrigerant over time can...
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Cleaning Your Commercial Refrigeration Cabinet

Your commercial refrigeration cabinet needs to be kept clean at all times for several important reasons. First of all, it ensures health risks to staff and customers are kept at an absolute minimum, this is a critical factor in mitigating any potential for food contamination from unhygienic conditions. It also helps you to tick all...
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Computer Data Centre Cooling Maintenance by MNK Technical Services

The crew at MNK Technical Services recently carried out a scheduled preventative maintenance to the HVAC systems at a Melbourne site for a large client. We found this site to be unique in that it contained different types of air conditioning systems throughout, requiring different maintenance strategies for each technology. We started at the main...
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commercial refrigeration contractors – Technical Tips

We at MNK Technical Services are great advocates for regular Preventative Maintenance to your refrigeration systems, having regular checks and servicing by a qualified technician ensures that your equipment is always in safe working order, it can help to extend the productive service life of your refrigeration assets (this is vital considering the investment you...
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Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne – Technical Tips

A refrigeration system can be a major draw on electrical energy, so it can be a real benefit when a technician can make sure the system is operating efficiently. Some of this goes hand-in-hand with repair, as many system issues will cause the equipment to consume excessive energy. As a retailer, whether you are a supermarket,...
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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and Repair

Its that time of year again, cold and grey, welcome to winter in Melbourne. The last thing on the mind of any sane person is maintenance to commercial refrigeration systems, most of us are just trying to stay warm. The team at MNK have been braving the cold to carry out preventative maintenance work to...
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Melbourne Commercial Refrigeration

MNK Technical Services have an enviable reputation in the industry and are well known for being able to “fix the things that others cant” meaning that a proportion of our new business enquiries stem from commercial business that have refrigeration system issues that they have been unable to have repaired or rectified. The team at...
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